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Hewlett Packard to release more TouchPads to meet demand

We have reported on the failed HP TouchPad in the last week, detailing huge price reductions after the product platform was basically ditched. It was released for $99 in the USA and promptly sold out, then the UK dropped the price to £89 and none were left in retail stores within only a few days.

HP have updated their website to ‘thank’ people for their interest in the Touchpad, saying they have now no stocks left, but that they are ‘temporarily’ out of inventory. They are letting potential customers register their interest and they will be informed when more stock is available.

Hewlett Packard have said that they will support customers who purchased the WebOS products, even though the range has been binned.

Mark Budgell from HP wrote in a blog “We are looking at other ways to leverage the webOS operating system and increase the number of webOS applications.

We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on hp.com and at many local retailers. We will have more available shortly. Please keep an eye on www.hp.com/go/touchpad-availability. We will have a link up soon where you can subscribe to be notified when these products are back in inventory.

We are fully committed to providing support and service of customers who purchased webOS devices. We will honor our product warranties and will continue to provide support via services like the webOS Butler, our free setup support service available to all purchasers of HP webOS products for the first 90 days after purchase. We expect that HP TouchPad owners can look forward to an over-the-air update that will enhance the platform and add functionality and a growing applications catalog.”

Kitguru says: So there you have it. If more stocks become available, you could end up with a bargain basement price TouchPad. We aren’t sure we would recommend it however, not unless some talented developers manage to get Android working. WebOS is effectively dead in the water.

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