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AMD confirms 3rd Gen Ryzen boost clock issue and aims to fix via firmware

While 3rd Gen Ryzen has mostly been positively received, there have been some issues along the way. One of the main issues currently is that a good number of 3rd Gen Ryzen owners aren't able to hit advertised boost clock speeds. Fortunately, AMD is aware and may have found a fix.

Here is the full statement from AMD:

“AMD is pleased with the strong momentum of 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processors in the PC enthusiast and gaming communities. We closely monitor community feedback on our products and understand that some 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen users are reporting boost clock speeds below the expected processor boost frequency. While processor boost frequency is dependent on many variables including workload, system design, and cooling solution, we have closely reviewed the feedback from our customers and have identified an issue in our firmware that reduces boost frequency in some situations. We are in the process of preparing a BIOS update for our motherboard partners that addresses that issue and includes additional boost performance optimizations. We will provide an update on September 10 to the community regarding the availability of the BIOS.”

The statement comes after professional overclocker, Der8auer, conducted a survey of over 2,000 users, with the majority of them reporting that their 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs weren't hitting rated boost clock speeds.

AMD is working on a firmware update now that should help address the problem, but it will also require a motherboard BIOS update, so it could take a while to fully roll out.

KitGuru Says: Have any of you had problems with boost clock speeds on a 3rd Gen Ryzen? If so, which CPU are you currently using? 

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