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AMD to re-launch FX-9590 with liquid cooler

A few days ago AMD’s Roy Taylor teased us on Twitter with a picture of an unnamed CPU from the FX series. However, the cat is out of the bag now and we know that AMD’s mysterious CPU is in-fact going to be a re-launch of the 5GHz FX-9590 bundled with a liquid cooler, which is tipped to be the Cooler Master Seidon 120 AIO LCS.

The scoop originally came from Hardware Canucks, who spoke to some guys over at AMD. The inclusion of an All in One liquid cooler will supposedly allow the chip to hit its 5GHz turbo clock frequency more often than it could on air.


The FX-9590 is based on AMD’s Piledriver architecture, it comes with a base clock of 4.7GHz but under the right conditions, it can turbo up to 5GHz. The chip does need the extra cooling as it tends to run very hot with a TDP of around 219W.


The original FX-9590 will now cost around $319 while the re-launched chip bundled with the Cooler Master AIO will sell for $359. Bernard Fernandes, senior spokesman for AMD told Hardware Canucks: “With a 5GHz boost clock and 8 powerful cores coupled with an effective cooling solution, it is our highest performance desktop processor. This is ideal for enthusiasts who want to build the best of AMD with an AMD Radeon R9 graphics card.”

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KitGuru Says: AMD seems to be on the right track at the moment, many would agree that shipping the recently released R9 295×2 with an AIO unit attatched was a smart idea and its nice to see the trend continue in to the company’s high end CPU line. Do any of you guys own an FX-9590? Would you consider it now that it is being relaunched with a decent cooler? 

Source: Hardware Canucks

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  • James Brand

    I had considered it way back but opted for the i5 4670K due to AMD’s lack of support for PCI-E 3.0 on anything other than their APU’s which don’t interest me at all,If they release a CPU with Gen 3 support I’ll consider switching from Team Blue but not until then

  • Frankie Tang

    That 219W TDP is insane!

  • DisDude

    Are you serious? I’m looking to upgrade my FX 8350. Right about now, an i7 5820K sounds more reasonable if its the same price…

  • klearlyc

    Advance Micro Devices is missing the whole point. The fact that the Thermal design power is rated so high is because it is drawing that much power. There are reviews on the internet (not bothering to link at time of writing) that showed the FX-9590 using 250 watts or more but performing on par with a mid level Intel. This is simply discouraging. I am a team red but seriously considering returning to the blue side. Basically its like using a 100 Watt incandescent bulb unnecessarily when there are much more efficient alternative.