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AMD Zen engineering sample benchmark leaks

So far, the only real performance numbers we’ve received for Zen have come from AMD’s marketing and presentation slides. However, this week we may have got our first look at legitimate real-world performance thanks to the Ashes of Singularity benchmark database, in  which a benchmark for one of AMD’s Zen engineering samples was uncovered.

This follows from last month, when the specs for several AMD Zen engineering samples made their way online. The Zen chip benchmarked here is identified as ‘1D2801A2M88E4_32/28_N’, which is a 2.8GHz base/3.2GHz turbo clocked CPU. Engineering sample clocks are usually not final, so the final product could end up having a speed bump. This is the 8 core, 16 thread version of the Summit Ridge CPU, which will likely be the first one to market.


The screenshot above shows that the Ashes of Singularity benchmark was running at the standard graphical preset at 1080p, with an RX 480. Here, the Zen engineering sample scored 58 frames per second on average, as shown by the CPU Framerate bar on the graph.

As wccftech points out, this is higher than an Intel core i5 4670k, which scores 52.6 frames per second. It is also a significant leap over the FX-8350, which scored 42 frames per second. It does lag behind the Intel Core i7 4790 though, which manages 65.4 frames per second in this benchmark. However, that could change between now and release.

So this appears to be our first real-world taste of what Zen is capable of. However, it might be a while before we can get our hands on the CPU as a recent AMD roadmap leak points to Zen arriving in 2017.

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KitGuru Says: These are early numbers but they are still very interesting to see. Hopefully we will get more information like this in the build up to Zen’s eventual launch. 

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