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Fractal Design’s AIO liquid coolers will be compatible with AMD Threadripper

As we have seen from the images, AMD’s Threadripper is a big CPU. It packs a lot of power but it is also much larger physically compared to Ryzen 7 or even Intel’s processors. With that in mind, CPU cooler compatibility could potentially be an issue. Fortunately, cooler makers are already invested in supplying brackets to ensure compatibility across the board and today, we heard from Fractal Design that its AIO liquid coolers will be compatible with Threadripper. We even have some exclusive images to show you.

When AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors hit retail, they will be bundled with an Asetek bracket, which will allow for wider liquid cooler compatibility. These brackets are 100 percent compatible with Fractal Design’s Celsius series of all in one liquid coolers. The company made a quick announcement on Facebook earlier today but we managed to get two exclusive images to showcase:

Fractal Design is the first to be in touch with us regarding Threadripper compatibility for current CPU coolers but we expect to see more come forward over the coming days.

KitGuru Says: With AMD Threadripper set to hit retail in the next couple of weeks, many will be planning their upgrade. With that in mind, cooler compatibility will become an important topic. Are any of you planning on grabbing Threadripper? Are you worried about cooler compatibility at all?

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