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Lian Li announces its first CPU water block

It is not unusual for us to see those in the PC market begin to diversify. Today, Lian Li, normally known for its PC cases, has announced its first step in to the custom watercooling arena with its own CPU water block, the CB-01. The focus for the CB-01  appears to be quality build materials, with a copper base in a nickel coating with a final layer of tin-cobalt, which will apparently help with cooling.

The top of the CB-01 is a see-through acrylic, so you will be able to see the coolant flow through in your system. The block uses standard G1/4″ threads and the inlet port is deliberately offset to allow water to reach the hottest CPU core first.


The Lian Li CB-01 will fit any modern Intel socket and on the AMD side, the block supports AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2 motherboards. The Intel bracket comes pre-installed, though it should be easy enough to swap out if you are running an AMD processor.

Right now pricing and availability information is scarce. The press release only notes that the block is ‘coming soon' and an MSRP wasn't listed.

KitGuru Says: We've seen other PC case manufacturers venture in to all-in-one liquid cooling units but it seems that Lian Li wants to focus on custom watercooling for the time being. Are any of you currently looking to build your own water loop? 

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