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Update to modified Ryzen power profile delivers further performance tweaks

A couple of weeks ago, 1usmus released a custom power profile for 3rd Gen Ryzen systems running on Windows 10, adjusting CPU task scheduling for better performance and boost clock speeds. Now, the first update has begun rolling out, which makes further optimisation changes.

The power profile modifies Collaborative Processor Performance Control, making adjustments to CPU task scheduling on Windows to deliver snappier performance for AMD Precision Boost, which dynamically adjusts clock speeds. The end result is better performance and core usage while idling or performing heavy load tasks. AMD will likely be investigating these improvements itself too to improve Precision Boost behaviour in the future.

The 1usmus Ryzen power profile is now in version 1.1. As the creator himself explains, this new update adjusts the Windows task scheduler to “must use best cores”, which means low threaded workloads should see better CPU utilisation.

Microsoft just recently began rolling out a new Windows 10 update but the Ryzen Universal power plan v1.1 should benefit all Windows 10 builds with any BIOS. You can get the full details and download over on TechPowerUp.

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KitGuru Says: Have any of you tried out the custom Ryzen power profile since it first came out? Have you seen a performance improvement?

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