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AMD 12-core and 16-core high-end desktop SKUs spotted

AMD has a huge hole in its portfolio, it spans the height above its Ryzen 7 HEDT CPUs all the way up to Naples, the 32-core, 64-thread behemoth it plans to release for datacenter-class computing, and while we'd heard reports it was reserved for lighter server SKUs, it seems that isn't exactly the case.

This week some engineering samples of CPUs on the ‘Whitehaven' platform leaked onto the web. Whitehaven seems to be an HEDT implementation of Snowy Owl. Videocardz.com reports it has picked up the scent of these new 16-core/32-thread CPUs, as well as several other AMD processors for mobile platforms and provides some interesting details on them.

Image credit: Videocardz

Four things stand out when we look at the ID strings on the CPUs:

The first most glaring feature is that two of these samples are running at 3.1/3.6 GHz  (base/boost) speeds, which is quite an impressive feat for such a complex CPU, even if its is built on a multi-chip module, like its bigger brother, Naples.

The second fact is that Alienware, known for its gaming PC street cred, is running a 12-core / 24-thread rig. Alienware is not known for server kit, so it reinforces the idea that Whitehaven is an HEDT platform. This CPU is running at a more conservative 2.7 GHz / 3.1 GHz (base/boost) speeds.

The third fact is that they are listed as Desktop parts, rather than Server parts. Again, AMD listed Snowy Owl as being a server CPU, but seems to have found a place for the ultimately powerful workstation.

The fourth and final is that there are second generation samples, so nearing qualification/engineering sample status, which is one step closer to market.

What's more, it seems that this sampling procedure is spot on with the company's earlier announcements, dating back to February 2016, which is quite the testament to the company's delivery execution. Back in February 2016 AMD had held a presentation where it had forecast the sampling and general release of these server CPUs in Q2 2017.

While these only tell us that the samples are out here, we can expect AMD's late May event to shine some light on the company's plans for HEDT and Server, before things start to get muddled.

KitGuru Says: It seems AMD is quick on its toes to do some course corrections. A while back the 12- / 16-core CPUs were reserved for Server scenarios. Now, it seems, AMD has found a niche for the Powerusers.

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