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AMD showing positive growth in notebook arena

2010 has been a fantastic year for AMD with the release of their DX11 5xxx desktop series, but this success is also spilling over into the mobile marketplace. AMD have had a good focus on pricing over the last year and it is reaping dividends for them as their growth in the marketplace is quite staggering.

Hewlett Packard, a big player in this field has announced a plethora of new machines in the mobile division and AMD have a very strong showing indeed with Intel being omitted from many machines completely. An industry insider told KitGuru at the weekend “HP’s stance is a sure sign that AMD are really starting to target the big players this year with many more already about to sign up”.

Jon Peddie Research for instance have filed a recent report that shows AMD have grabbed around 6% of the total graphics share from Intel with nVidia staying steady at 31.5 percent. This translates to Intel dropping to around 43.5% while AMD have grown to 24% within the first quarter of 2010 – a massive increase. This is being reinforced by Intel’s supply issues of Arrandale processors.

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