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Nintendo chief calls Apple “the enemy of the future”

Nintendo have seen their first drop in profits for nearly six years and they seem to be marking Apple as their new nemesis. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told senior executives that the company has already beaten Sony and that Apple are now their ‘enemy of the future'.

Nintendo's Wii has managed to outsell Sony's Playstation 3 by almost double but even the Wii sales are starting to drop – we assume as more people realise that High Definition graphics really shine on their new televisions. Statistics show that Nintendo have reported sales down over 20% in the same quarter this time last year.

Iwata's commentary is clearly coming from the threat of growing sales of Apple's portable range of products such as the iPhone, iPod and the new iPad. This is verified by Nintendo's own expanded gamer demographics which detail that even high school girls now say they would rather have an iPhone than a Nintendo DS.

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