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Apple are developing an alternative to Flash

As the tension continues to mount between Apple and Adobe the latest news emerges that Apple are developing an alternative technology to Flash. This new package is called “Gianduia” and was originally mentioned at Apple's World of WebObjected Developer Conference months ago. Gianduia apparently is a ‘client side, standards-based framework for rich Internet applications.'

Apple are already using Gianduia in the iPhone reservation system, the One to One program as well as the Concierge program for Genius Bar and Personal Shopping reservations. With Apples complete lack of support for Flash within any of its mobile devices they have made it clear that they will be supporting HTML5, Javascript and CSS instead. It has also came to light that Adobe have complained about Apple to the U.S. authorities which may actually end up becoming an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission or the Department Of Justice.

Kitguru says: We are interested to see where this heads, we believe Flash has had its day – alternatives are welcome.

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