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Intel Core i7-875k and i5-655k processor review

Many people will be using their computers not only for gaming and photo editing, but for watching high definition movies. We look at AVATAR Blu-ray performance with the processors on test today first. The mastering on the AVATAR disc is exceptionally high and the video bitrate is pushing through at some of the highest levels we have recorded – sometimes around 35Mbps.

It is rather clear to see that none of the CPU’s have any problems with HD Bluray playback. However a large portion of the audience will be more interested to see MKV container performance with High Definition content. We are testing a 1080p rip of the AVATAR Bluray disc – which is streaming from an Intel 160GB SSD Drive. We have disabled GPU acceleration.

MKV performance across the complete range of processors on test today is fantastic. Until we begin to overclock the 980x holds the performance lead. When at 4.8ghz however the 875k takes the lead. Overclocking the 980x even slightly would push this back in favour of the high end part however.

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