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AMD’s flagship ‘Fiji XT’ to use new branding and cost $849 – rumours

The next-generation top-of-the-range AMD Radeon graphics card may no longer carry a model number, but will introduce a new brand akin to Nvidia Corp.’s GeForce Titan, according to a media report. The highest-performing single-chip graphics adapter is also rumoured to cost unprecedented amount of money for an AMD single-GPU solution.

In a bid to emphasize extreme performance of its next-generation flagship graphics solution based on the code-named “Fiji” graphics processing unit and 8GB of high-bandwidth memory (HBM), AMD will not call it the “Radeon R9 390X,” but will introduce a separate branding akin to Intel’s Extreme Edition or Nvidia’s Titan, reports SweClockers. Back in the days ATI Technologies offered Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition, which featured improved performance compared to the Radeon X800 XT, but had the same GPU configuration.

At present it is unclear how many “Fiji”-based graphics card models AMD intends to release, but previously it was reported about three solutions with different GPU configurations, cooling systems, performance and prices.


Fudzilla reports AMD’s new top-of-the-range graphics card will cost $849. If AMD releases three “Fiji”-based graphics adapters, then it can sell the highest-performing product in the lineup for $849. However, if the number of solutions in the lineup will be limited to two, then it will be rather hard to successfully position them while selling one for $849.

AMD’s “Fiji XT” GPU is reportedly based on the revamped GCN 1.3 architecture and integrates 4096 stream processors (64 compute units), 256 texture units as well as all-new memory controller to support vertically stacked high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips with 1024-bit input/output interface. The top-of-the-range Radeon is projected to feature 8GB of HBM memory with up to 640GB/s of bandwidth (thanks to 4096-bit memory bus and 1.25GT/s transfer rate).

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: While it makes some sense to introduce a rival for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan X with a loud name, in a bid to actually re-capture market share, AMD will still need both Radeon R9 390X and Radeon R9 390 that do not cost nearly $850. Therefore, we are likely to see three graphic cards based on AMD’s code-named “Fiji” GPU.

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