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Details about AMD Radeon R9 300-series product line emerge

As reported, Advanced Micro Devices plans to introduce its new Radeon R9 and Radeon R7 300-series products in the second quarter of the year. While the new product line will carry new model numbers, it will include graphics processing units that will not be exactly new.

The Radeon R9 300-series lineup will consist of seven graphics adapters: Radeon R9 370/370X, Radeon R9 380/380X, Radeon R9 390/390X as well as dual-chip Radeon R9 395X2, reports 3DCenter. In addition, AMD intends to introduce Radeon R7 360/360X graphics boards for entry-level market segment.

The top-of-the-range Radeon R9 390/390X as well as the R9 395X2 graphics adapters will be based on the code-named “Fiji” graphics processing units. The new GPUs feature GCN 1.3 architecture, up to 4096 stream processors and will rely on high-bandwidth memory from SK Hynix.


The high-performance Radeon R9 380/380X will be powered by the code-named “Grenada” graphics chip that will be a revamped version of the “Hawaii” GPU. The novelty will sport 2816 stream processors, 512-bit GDDR5 memory bus and will offer performance comparable to that of the Radeon R9 290/290X. It is unclear whether the chip will feature any architectural improvements over existing GPUs.

The Radeon R9 370/370X will rely on the code-named “Tonga” graphics processing unit with up to 2048 stream processors and 256-bit memory bus.

The Radeon R7 360/360X will use code-named “Trinidad” graphics chip with unknown specifications and GCN architecture.

All-in-all, only AMD Radeon R9 390/390X graphics card will feature an all-new graphics processor with improved architecture and considerably higher performance compared to chips that are available today. All other graphics boards in the lineup will be powered by GPUs that are similar to those, which are already on the market.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If the information about the Radeon R9 300-series lineup is correct, then the new product family will not be very impressive. To make the matters worse, AMD will barely improve performance of its graphics solutions compared to those available today.

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  1. can’t wait for them, I’m happy that I haven’t bought the 970 a month ago 😉

  2. At the right price the 390 could do well against the 980 as it is overpriced. (Assuming performance is par).
    I have a feeling the 980 TI is waiting in the wings, its just a case of nvidia waiting to see AMD’s benchmarks before nailing it down.

    (Remember when this use to be fun? Large performance gains and a price that people could afford)

  3. The 390s will be in a class of its own as the 380s from what it seems to be the rival for the 980.

  4. fcol, Is that conclusion some kind of frustrated joke?

  5. Well, the table that was leaked had “Speculation” in bold letters at the top. That’s about our only redeeming light in this. From what we can see, if this does prove to be true, then the only worthwhile upgrades are the 385+. I’m not that fussed about power draw at this point. If they want to release a 300W card, let them. I just want the performance to match it. Most of the people buying the 390X (me included) will probably throw a waterblock on it. I’m not really thrilled with AMD rebadging cards like this though. It tends to make most of the people buying the mid range cards feel shafted. I know I would be.

  6. Next ares card! 😛

  7. “To make the matters worse, AMD will barely improve performance of its graphics solutions compared to those available today.” ?!?!?!?!?!? Where did this came from ? Out of your @$$ ?

  8. “AMD will barely improve performance of its graphics solutions compared to those available today”

    I’m a turned-Nvidia guy since all my old AMD cards used to superheat the wall paint behind my PC, but that’s certainly a no-holds-barred assumption to make. Sounds very, erm, fanboyish.

  9. Anton, the fucks up with that conclusion?

    Apart from the fact that Tonga under the 200 dollar sweet spot would be amazing, Fiji looks to absolutely SMASH in terms of performance if the 4096 core count is correct. Where did the “barely improve performance” thing come from?? If it’s from the Grenada core count then keep in mind that a node shrink and an architecture redesign can do a fuckton for performance.

  10. Derek Johnstone Macrae

    iv got 1500 across a 384 bit bus…mmmmm, do ye think the 2000 with the 256 is an upgrade ? ie 7870 Tahiti to a 370x ? if they do one with 4gb of ram, defo, but im happy at 1080p at the moment

  11. Don’t ever go with Nvidia, they don’t give a shit about anyone, just your wallets. They’re more corrupt than the corrupt organization they sold their souls to get into.

  12. ALL Technology is all milked by 2-3% due to synchronicity of this ass backwards world we live inside of.

  13. I still do not believe anything overly credible has been presented here. The only thing we have seen consistent are the specs for the 390 and 380 get passed back an forth, but 4096 stream processors seems destined for one as does the emergence of HBM. Apart from that, this is still just speculation now brought on by a 3D Center forum and transmitted here. There is still too much bogus speculation going on. However, even if correct, I agree with everyone else here, how would the 390x above be run of the mill, marginal increase? That makes no sense.

  14. stop this childish fanboy crap, I’ll go with what’s best (for a reasonable Price) and at this time it’s not nVidia

  15. I feel this, I went from a 6970 to a gtx 680. Now I am gonna make the switch back. I don’t know which one I am getting yet though. I am only gaming in 1080p so the 390x might be overkill.

  16. I think the 970 would be perfectly fine for 1080p but I’m looking Forward to the OR which will hopefully use a 4k Panel. and THEN AMD would make a lot more sense

  17. Something is wrong here.
    Previously released articles indicated that the 380X will feature HBM.
    Do correct me if I’m wrong, or if previously released articles messed it up:





    So… what exactly changed?
    Are these previous articles wrong in a sense that they got the numbers messed up, or were these just unconfirmed speculations along with the above article and realistically, we don’t know anything just yet?

  18. Sounds retarded since the 290X is already very competitive at the top end in higher res, and has been out for ages. If the 390X puts out the performance figures rumored and the cards below get a price haircut it’s a great launch.

  19. The 970 is probably the best bang for your buck in the enthusiast segment of the market right “at this time”, especially when considering performance per watt.

  20. What makes you say that? Is there something about AMD that makes them inherently better at high-res gaming?

  21. I think the Tri-X R9 290 is still the king of the price/performance hill, here in the states and especially where I live, the extra power usage amounts to almost nothing on the power bill.

  22. last gen GPU Benchmarks showed that for example the 290X performed better in relation to nVidia Cards like the 780Ti the higher the resolution is. I think that might be also true for the new series. In Addition, the 980 can’t handle 4k very well as a single Card and if the new leaked Benchmarks are true, the 390(X) should be able to do this

  23. If i had been buying a month ago the 970 gtx would have been a no brainer, the r9 290x is as fast but runs much hotter and uses more juice for a similar price. The 380s will be most interesting to me.

  24. disagree! 970 is a dead end. Right now with 4k pc monitors due to be out and game engines more sophisticated then BF4 I think it is better to invest in something that can run 4k at an acceptable FPS in a single GPU setup. Nvidia’s 900 series so far is only a ploy to make reckless buyers pick two or three of them at once and later realize they were only good for an year since the bottleneck ram bus cannot do 4k. Best bet wait for what ever nvidia will come up with next and if they try to sell u another gimmick gpu to distract u the fact that they still don’t have the promised 16nm maxwell gpu ready then just buy an amd!

  25. Just because 4K monitors are available doesn’t mean everyone can afford them. I have a 1080p monitor and it’s fine. I’m looking at the 390 for future proofing. I want my next card to last me around 4 years delivering good framerates at High/Ultra settings at 1080p.

  26. Nvidia is good, their card have very less hassles. Amd gives you value for money and they are good, but if you want the best go with Nvidia.