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Nvidia readies dual-chip GeForce GTX 790 graphics card – rumour

Nvidia Corp. is reportedly working on two new graphics cards that for ultra-high-end market segment. The two new solutions are based on the already known GK110 graphics processing unit and will cost $1000 and higher. A launch of two new high-end graphics boards may indicate that there will be no next-gen Maxwell architecture-based solutions in the same class any time soon.

The developer of GeForce GPUs is working on single-chip GeForce GTX Titan “Black Edition” graphics cards that inherit GK110 in its maximum configuration (2880 stream processors, 240 texture units, 48 raster operating units, 384-bit memory controller) from GeForce GTX 780 Ti and 6GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory from the original GeForce GTX Titan launched a year ago. The graphics board is set to become Nvidia’s highest-performing single-chip consumer solution. The product is expected to hit the market in February, 2014, at $999 price-point.

Two is always better than one. This is exactly why Nvidia is working on an ultimate graphics card that carries two cut-down GK110 chips (2496 stream processors, 208 texture units, 40 raster operating units, 320-bit memory bus) along with 10GB of GDDR5 memory (5GB per chip). This graphics solution, which is expected to be called GeForce GTX 790, may be the world’s highest-performing graphics card in virtually all gaming applications in all resolutions, including 2560*1600 and 3840*2160. The board is projected to hit the market in March and cost well over $1000.


Previously it was reported that Nvidia intends to start the roll-out of graphics processing units based on Maxwell architecture this March. In case the information about two new high-end graphics cards based on Kepler graphics chips is correct, then do not expect Nvidia’s next-generation Maxwell architecture-based high-performance solutions in at least several months.

Maxwell architecture that will power next-generation GeForce, Tesla and Quadro graphics and general-purpose processing cards will not only boost performance, but will introduce a new set of capabilities. Besides, high-end Maxwell graphics processing units are expected to feature an integrated ARMv8-compatible core, which will greatly boost performance and efficiency in modern workloads, including non-gaming ones.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: Two GK110s on one card? This is going to be fast, hot and expensive. But still, what about Maxwell in the first half of the year?

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