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Gigabyte expert writes the book on overclocking, again

One of the most popular sites at any technology show, is that of an expert overclocker pouring LN2 into a record breaking build. Gigabyte's suits in Taipai 101 was no different. KitGuru gets an introduction.

To say that someone ‘ Wrote the book on overclocking', might sound like an overstatement. In the case of Steven B, it happens to be true.

Online he goes by Sin0822 and when he creates his famous guides, he does so with contributions from fellow OC-Holics like Hicookie and Dinos22.

With the latest Gigabyte Ultra Durable technology permeating all of the company's high end mainboards, there were some very special units on show at Computex 2014, including the Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force LN2. R&D money has been poured, like coolant, in to making a mainboard that doesn't even have the mounting points for conventional cooling.

This is an LN2 board, designed to take records and – like Intel says – Unleash the Beast when it comes to extreme frequencies.

And it was successful, picking up the top score (and a cheque for $4,000) for getting the highest 4-core/thread number on a Devil's Canyon chip. It's worth bearing in mind that when records are set using AMD FX technology, cores seem to get turned off in order to hit the very highest clocks – so a ‘fully working chip score' is much more complicated to achieve.

Gigabyte's sales and marketing guru, Nigel Sutch, introduced us to a colleague of his called Brian Lai – who in turn introduced us to Steven B, AKA Sin0822.

We got a chance to see Sino822 in action. He's seen here with the more public-friendly version of the OC board – this one HAS the mounting points for non-LN2 cooling.

Billowing clouds of LN2-goodness as Sino822 excites more visitors.

Here's a shot of the full Gigabyte Pro-OC line up. When you see a cool OC feature on a Gigabyte mainboard, it's probably one of these guy's ideas.

Gigabyte expert Brian Lai took us through lots of the special features you need in order to crack work records. Example?
The Gigabyte G-Powerboard, it is used to add additional phases and power to devices for overclocking. Here is a video on Overclocking TV where Hicookie explains exactly what it can do:
[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOaMyBQ3Ccs#t=82′] Want to know more about serious performance enhancement?

When we say that Sino822 wrote the book on overclocking, then that is literally what we mean.
Here are links to his various guides for the Z77, Z87 and Z97 boards. Impressive stuff:-

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KitGuru says: This experience was interesting to us for a number of reasons. It's good to see such a wide-range of product development from Gigabyte, we love the interactive demos and it's nice when top overclockers like Sino822 share OC knowledge.

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