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Google add Nvidia 3D Vision support to Youtube

Nvidia have entered into a partnership with Google which will allow users to get access to 3D YouTube clips – all you need are 3D Vision active shutter glasses and the right hardware.

Youtube already offers a decent variety of 3D video files already, but this is sure to drive more uploads and interest from the user base. Right now you need a 3D Display which supports side by side viewing or interleaving, or cheap coloured glasses.

Thanks to Nvidia’s input there will be more options on Youtube, which should obviously mean – more sales of Nvidia hardware and additional sales of supported screen technology.

Nvidia’s George Millington told the press “There’s a number of 3D videos currently on YouTube, but to view them the main option, the main viewing option is anaglyph – the red and blue lenses – which doesn’t give you the level of quality that you get with 3D Vision. The colours aren’t as sharp and the resolution isn’t quite as good.”

KitGuru says: With the new options, users can toggle full stereoscopic 3D support to enhance the image quality.

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