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Intel taking over GPU market: 60 percent dominance

Jon Peddie sent out a press release today with details of their latest research. It makes for interesting reading, as they claim that Intel have managed to dominate the GPU market, claiming 60 percent of the marketshare.

According to the report, Intel were the only company who managed to expand their sales of graphics chips, part due to the fact that they are including graphics processing inside their latest Sandybridge CPU designs.

Their figures indicate a very healthy market increase

“JPR is releasing estimated graphics chip shipments and market share for Q2’11 today. The Q2’11 change in total shipments from last quarter increased 6.3%, significantly above the ten-year average of 3.5%, and raising concerns about an inventory buildup. Year to year this quarter Intel had tremendous market share growth (14.7%).”

Jon Peddie added “More GPUs ship than PCs. That’s because many systems using PC parts are built for POS terminals (from ATMs to cash registers at the supermarket), industrial, scientific, military/transportation systems, and CE devices like STBs. Those items don’t get counted by Gartner and IDC as PCs. So the graphics that go into them have to be factored out—it’s not an exact science because there are also some parts that are drifting through the channel and/or in inventory at ODMs. We think about 35% of the GPUs are in double-attach PCs, and about 3% of the discrete GPUs are double-load (two AIBs per PC or an AIB with two GPUs).”

You can read the report in full over here.

Kitguru says: Discrete market is still not dead, even though it has been predicted for years.

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