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LEPA B850W Power Supply Review

Rating: 9.0.

Enermax have earned a solid reputation in the power supply sector over the years. They have been in operation now for over 20 years and have expanded their portfolio in recent years to accommodate enthusiast grade accessories. Their current power supply range is extensive and includes the excellent MODU82+ and Revolution 85+ series.

Unlike many other companies, Enermax are an OEM designer who create their own range of power supplies from the ground up, and have supplied quality designs for other well known companies such as Sapphire.

The LEPA range of power supplies is aimed by Enermax at the ‘mid range' market (they don't like the term ‘budget'), enthusiast users who are price sensitive and who want a competitively priced power supply without suffering too many compromises.

With a large 135mm fan, 80 Plus Bronze Certification and modular cabling, the LEPA B850W power supply appears strong on paper.

The design of this specific unit today has been outsourced to Sirfa Electronics (Sirtec), a name more well known in China than in Western Countries. Enermax are keen to point out however that quality control and R&D was still under control of the Enermax engineering team.


  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified
  • Modular cables
  • Silent thermal controlled 135mm fan
  • 60 cm mainboard connector for comfortable cable routing
  • up to 6x (6+2) 8 pin PCI-E connectors
  • 10x SATA connectors
  • Multirail – up to four strong 12 volt rails
  • latest protection circuitry for high reliability and safety
  • SATA connectors with 3.3 V for upcoming SSD generation
  • Active PFC – power factor up to 0.99
  • 3 year warranty

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  1. Price is excellent, I agree. Dont need a PSU right now, but ive had good success with Enermax in the past.

  2. Enermax are normally mega expensive, so this is a wise move IMO. Dont like the ‘LEPA’ name though, its really not very good. obviously a play on ‘leopard’, but why? I dont get it.

  3. The PSU is described as modular, but I see no photo of where they connect. Also the table which shows cables vs. connectors looks to be unrelated to the modular cables, as it has 6 entries for 4 cables. So I have no idea what configurations of cables and connectors are possible, which I think is useful information.

    And what are the connectors on the non-modular cable?

  4. there is a shot of the connector ports on page 3..

  5. They certainly hit a price sweet spot with this one. Excellent.

  6. Thanks, Gunther. Don’t know how I missed that. Lots of ports, that’s good.