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LEPA B850W Power Supply Review

This is the first LEPA power supply we have reviewed and we are very impressed with the Enermax ‘budget’ range. There is no doubt in our minds that the LEPA B850W is a quality product, which not only achieves a very tight price point but is capable of a well rounded, stable power delivery.

We were initially impressed with the appearance because the plain black, well finished exterior will look great installed in a variety of systems. The modular cabling is nicely sleeved, indicative of high quality manufacturing and slots cleanly into the labelled connectors on the rear of the chassis.

Internally, the design is a double forward implementation which achieves 80 Plus Bronze rated specifications. It is certainly not a ground breaking new design from Sirtec, but it is stable, proven technology which works well.

Load regulation and cross load testing passed our tests, although +12V did exhibit a little fluctuation which slightly tainted a strong set of results. In a similar manner, the noise suppression was excellent and well within parameters, with both +3.3 V and +5V output peaking between 10 and 15mV. +12V was higher than we would have liked, peaking at 75mW, although again, it was still well within industry rated specifications.

Noise levels are a little higher than a few other designs we have reviewed in recent months, however in all practicality, no one will be driving this at close to full load daily. At 50% load, it is audible although never intrusive. If you are driving it at 700W+ however you may find the noise a little intrusive on a daily basis. It all depends on your particular noise concerns.

Overall, we are very impressed with the high output LEPA B850W power supply and pricing in the UK is very competitive. The product retails for £94.99 inc vat, which is an excellent asking price for an 850W, 80 Plus Bronze, Modular design.


  • Great appearance
  • modular
  • cabling is high quality
  • power delivery is excellent
  • competitive price
  • 80 Plus Bronze


  • +12V rail could be better
  • if loaded high can get noisy

Kitguru says: A well balanced power supply at a very reasonable price.

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Rating: 9.0.

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