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LEPA B850W Power Supply Review

The LEPA product uses a 135mm Globe Fan which is rated at 12VDC 0.33A and has a plastic baffle. We have seen these being used before in other power supplies from companies such as OCZ.

The power supply is a double forward design which utilises independently regulated topology. There are three large, black heatsinks spread across the PCB, to help with cooling. The overall build quality is good, with a clean layout and structure.

We are pleased to see a quality 105c Rubycon capacitor rated at 400v, 470uF handling the primary. Secondary capacitors are supplied by Teapo.

Soldering is clean throughout and the input filtering initiates on the AC input receptacle with a traditionally designed X and Y capacitor configuration. Bridge rectifiers are connected to one of the heatsinks and the central heatsink is home to the main switching transistors. The cables are fully sleeved into the chassis and are held together with ties.

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  • Uriel

    Price is excellent, I agree. Dont need a PSU right now, but ive had good success with Enermax in the past.

  • Gunther

    Enermax are normally mega expensive, so this is a wise move IMO. Dont like the ‘LEPA’ name though, its really not very good. obviously a play on ‘leopard’, but why? I dont get it.

  • ET

    The PSU is described as modular, but I see no photo of where they connect. Also the table which shows cables vs. connectors looks to be unrelated to the modular cables, as it has 6 entries for 4 cables. So I have no idea what configurations of cables and connectors are possible, which I think is useful information.

    And what are the connectors on the non-modular cable?

  • Gunther

    there is a shot of the connector ports on page 3..

  • Jon

    They certainly hit a price sweet spot with this one. Excellent.

  • ET

    Thanks, Gunther. Don’t know how I missed that. Lots of ports, that’s good.