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KitGuru reader poll: Just 3.3% think current Nvidia GPU prices are reasonable

KitGuru readers are always active on social media, so over the weekend we asked our Facebook readers to let us know what they thought of Nvidia's current graphics card pricing. Close to a thousand of you shared your thoughts with us so today, we are sharing the results of the poll.

In our poll, just 1.4 percent of voters judged Nvidia GPU prices as ‘great value and not too expensive'. Meanwhile, 34.9 percent deemed current pricing as very expensive. A larger portion of the voters (42.2 percent) deemed current GPU prices as ‘quite expensive', indicating that there is a good chunk of people out there still willing to pony up the cash, even if prices are high. Still, the most telling metric is that just 3.3 percent of voters deem current Nvidia GPU prices as ‘reasonable'.

Currently Nvidia has a pretty broad slate of GPUs on its roster and it is rare to find one actually selling at suggested retail pricing- something that Nvidia can't actually control. The main problem with the current Pascal lineup however, is that it is quite flooded in the high-end segment. The GTX 1070 and GTX 1070Ti both squeeze in to the £400-£500 segment. Meanwhile the GTX 1080 with a custom cooler can also be found for around the £500 mark on Amazon.

From there, the GTX 1080Ti makes a big leap upwards, with custom cooled versions often going for well over £700 and some breaking the £800 barrier. With Volta on the way and very little competition from AMD's Vega GPUs, it does make us wonder what Nvidia's pricing slate will look like this time next year.

KitGuru Says: Thanks to the readers who took the time to take part in our poll. GPU prices have been interesting to follow this year, with plenty of peaks and troughs along the way. Unfortunately, the current state of things doesn't necessarily paint a bright picture for the future. 

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