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Nvidia surpasses Intel market cap for the first time

For the first time this week, NVIDIA has surpassed Intel in market cap, making Nvidia the largest U.S. chip maker in terms of market value. This comes after a steady rise in Nvidia share prices over the last 12 months, bolstering the GPU company's value. 

The upswing in Nvidia's stocks also makes it the third-largest company in the semiconductor market, behind Samsung and TSMC. The rise has been swift and strong, with Nvidia's stock doubling in the last year.

As reported by MarketWatch, this all became clear this week, when Nvidia share prices closed at $408.64, giving it a total market cap of $253.31 billion. Meanwhile, Intel shares finished at $58.61, giving chipzilla a market cap of $248.16 billion.

Of course, market capitalisation is not the whole story when assessing a company's value. After all, Intel still generates more revenue than Nvidia, but there is no denying that Jensen's company has been a great investment as of late.

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KitGuru Says: Nvidia's stocks have seen an impressive surge in a short period of time. Do you think Nvidia will maintain this lead over Intel, or will they manage to catch up again? 

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