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Snapchat’s rumoured IPO could value it at $25 billion


Snapchat, the company that turned down three billion dollars in Facebook money just three years ago, is now readying itself for a public offering, which could see the company valued at $25 billion (£20.5 billion). If successful, it would be the biggest tech IPO since Twitter went public in 2013. …

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Facebook is buying WhatsApp for almost $20 billion

In one of the largest ever acquisitions of an internet based startup, Whatsapp, the messaging service used by millions around the world to send text and images to one another, is being bought by social networking giant Facebook, for a total of $19 billion in cash and company stock. The …

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Foxconn shares soar on iPhone rumours


Foxconn share prices have jumped by a huge 31.9 per cent after rumours began circulating that the electronics manufacturer would be producing the next iPhone, winning a big contract bidding war with other potentials. This despite the fact that just two weeks ago it admitted to using child labour. This …

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