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Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti (Palit Super JetStream) Unboxing

The time has finally come. Nvidia's long-rumoured GTX 1070 Ti is indeed real and today we have the opportunity to present our readers with a first look at the card – or an aftermarket model, at least. We can't share benchmark data just yet until the NDA breaks, but for a discussion on the card, it's place in the product stack and a potential price, check out our video below.

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The most intriguing thing about Nvidia's new GTX 1070 Ti is how it will fare against its big brother, the GTX 1080. After all, we now know for certain that the 1070 Ti has 2432 CUDA cores, compared to the 2560 found in the GTX 1080, and the GTX 1070 has 1920 for reference. That is clearly not much of a difference between the two cards, so when we finally get to see performance figures from the 1070 Ti, I imagine things will be pretty close.

In another surprising move, Nvidia has also directed its partners to leave all aftermarket cards at reference speeds – for the immediate future, at least. That means every GTX 1070 Ti will ship with a 1607MHz base clock and a 1683MHz boost clock. We can speculate why Nvidia has done this, but it does suggest to me that an overclocked 1070 Ti will be at or above the GTX 1080 in terms of performance.

For now, though, we can only speculate, but we leave you with the promise that our full review is coming soon!

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KitGuru says: GTX 1070 Ti is an interesting release from Nvidia, designed to counteract AMD Vega 56 and keep gamers on Team Green. What are your thoughts on the card – anyone planning on picking one up?

GPU GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
Core Name GP104
Process Tech. 16nm
Cores 2432
Mem. Amount 8GB
Mem. Interface 256bits
Base Clock 1607 MHz
Boost Clock 1683 MHz
Memory Speed 8 Gbps
Mem. Bandwidth 256GB/Sec)
Board Power 180 W

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