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Dabs follows AMD price cuts with further discounts

Until all of the sales data is in from across the globe, AMD won't know just how big a bump it got from the Sandy Bridge recall. That will take some time. What we can do is analyse the behaviour of the major resellers – to see what kind of action they take while waiting for updated Cougar Point chipset designs to wing their way to us. KitGuru scans the web and reports back.

Without knowing that Intel was going to stumble, AMD decided to make some price moves on its CPUs. It had looked at the market, realised that it was near the end of the long life of the Phenom II and wanted to give its proven technololgy one last spurt, before the technology gets well and truly Bulldozed later this year.

Then came the Sandy Bridge saga. Which has at least put the brakes on Intel's second generation Core family sales – even if they have not actually stopped.

Now, as February prepares to make way to March, we're seeing even more stimulus for AMD processor sales from companies like Dabs.

The only chance Plácido and José have of seeing 6 cores, is if they eat a plateful of apples

The campaign slogan seems to be ‘GoPro', but the actual graphics show double-whammy boxer punches – so a little mixed messaging.

The important part for any 6-core-OC-loving enthusiasts out there is, “Choose a high end Radeon card with your Phenom II X6 and we'll give you a pair of tenners”.

Plácido Domingo and José Carreras? Not quite. These two tenners will actually fit in your pocket and have a nice little drawing of the queen's head on them.

For many years, ATI ran cashback/buyback etc schemes in the USA – for cards that were actually made in the old Toronto factory, and monolithic US reseller Newegg seems to run cashback deals on more than 80% of its products (mostly in an attempt to misdirect dodgy price-spiders) – but they have been a bit of a rarity over here in Blighty.

Give how popular cashback has become with Digital SLR cameras, maybe we will see a lot more of these going forward.

Our only real criticism is that, if this promotion did originate with AMD, then why have they missed out on the chance to include the much needed mainboard in the deal?  Also, for those of your who demand ultimate graphics performance, should Dabs be offering a deal where the CPU+mainboard+CrossFire = bargain of the century?

We've seen it on Dabs, but it's labelled like an AMD promotion. Can you get £20 cashback everywhere?

KitGuru says: Popular or not, £20 is £20 and any discount is always a good idea. If you were thinking about going with an overclocked 6-core rig, then this deal might be enough to make you think about picking it up from Dabs.

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