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AMD to boost energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices recently set a goal to improve energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by 25 times by 2020. To achieve this goal, AMD will have to outpace historical energy efficiency trend by over 70 per cent, but the company claims it knows what to do and even …

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The market is moving to commodity processors – writer

The world of processing units is altering. With the ARM architecture entering the market of servers and the Power architecture available for licensing by third parties, a lot is going to change within the next five years. Thanks to the fact that similar processing technologies will be available from different …

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AMD to increase energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday unveiled a rather bold strategy called 25X20 under which it intends to dramatically increase energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by the year 2020. In the next six years AMD plans to further optimize power consumption of its chips and also increase their performance, …

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AMD to roll-out all-new high-performance x86 micro-architecture in 2015

Advanced Micro Devices is reportedly developing a brand-new next-generation high-performance x86 micro-architecture that it plans to unveil sometimes in late 2015. The new architecture will not be derived from the Bulldozer technology that powers AMD processing units today and may change AMD’s competitive positions on the market. Two the key …

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AMD unveils new roadmap, plans to offer pin-compatible x86 and ARM chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday announced details concerning its longer-term roadmap. The firm disclosed plans to develop its own ARMv8 core implementations as well as pin-compatible microprocessors and accelerated processing units based on ARM and x86 architecture. But while the company unveiled a clear and logical strategy regarding low-power and …

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AMD channel panic as foundry runs dry

Successful product launches rely on a hundred things going right, and just a single, well placed, problem can seriously impact the well laid plans of VPs and men. Phenom II X6 has just hit such a bump in the road(map) and there’s no sign of a quick solution. Word has …

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