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Gigabyte GTX465: close up with Christine Cheng @ Computex

In the VIP suite on the 36th floor of the world famous Taipei 101 tower, Gigabyte had a huge selection of new products laid out in front of KitGuru’s eyes. Eager to snap every new product in site, we were drawn primarily to the graphic cards. After our ears stopped popping from the rapid ascent, we decided to start by analysing Gigabyte’s GTX465 design.

Side by side, the PCB for the GTX465 is the same size as the GTX470. With less going on, it’s that much easier to keep temperatures etc under control. Still, it is not a truly low power consumption unit, running as it does around 200w. Still, with 1GB of GDDR5 on a 256-bit memory trace, it is simpler.

With simplicity comes style and Gigabyte has that in buckets with its GTX465 design.

Gigabyte marketing specialist Christine Cheng was on hand to point out the most stylish bits:-

Christine Cheng Gigabyte Marketing Specialist III
Double fans can increase airflow while reducing noise
Gigabyte GTX465 reverse shot
Interesting cut-out caught KitGuru's eye
High grade copper, plenty of it and strong clamping pressure. Nice.
Amazing how beautiful engineering can be, close up

Overall, we like the look of this card.

On the one hand, there is less of it.

On the other hand, what is there looks very effective.

We'll show you what else Christine revealed a little later on.

KitGuru says: KitGuru Labs will schedule a GTX465 shoot-out in the near future, so you know exactly where it's best to spend your money.

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