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AC-DC Voltage; What’s the difference ?

In our daily life we all keep hearing terms like “230V AC power plug”, “AC to DC power supply” and “1.5V DC battery”; however only very few people know and even actually understand the difference between AC and DC current. Through a search engine it is very easy to find that AC stands for “Alternating Current” and DC stands for “Direct Current”, yet understanding their actual differences can prove to be quite the task.

In this editorial we will try to explain the main characteristics and differences of AC and DC current in terms understandable by people with very low or no technical expertise.

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  • me

    I can safely say I am still as lost as I was before I read it 🙂

  • bob

    My head hurts, really good read, I managed to pick up bits and pieces, the last page was purely “WTF” however. Ill just leave PSU testing to you people, ill read them and buy the one that gets a good score !

  • eric k

    Read it slowly, makes more sense. I read it three times adn think I picked up most of it. bit over my level of skill

  • death dealer

    Yeah, im back off to playing Red Dead Dedemption. I am sure a lot of people love these editorials, but im lost. im just stupid 🙂

  • Stefan

    Good article, its a bit short though, needed more information. I think I managed to fill in a few of the blanks

  • Terry

    ermmm. I was excited on the first page, 2 and 3 pages were good, 4th page, still struggling to break it all down. I suppose we need some skills with eletrics in the first place.

  • Very very very interesting article, mostly because I just had my physics exam, so I don’t hate this kind of things anymore! 😀

  • isaak

    I have my physics exam on electronics in about a week – thanks Z, it all made sense to me 😀

  • x1CAMEL3x

    This was very useful. Read it twice cus it’s hard to focus inna room full of kids.