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Intel X25-V SSD 40Gb – Raid 0 performance review

Rating: 9.0.

Almost everyone reading this review is already aware of the benefits that a Solid State Drive (SSD) drive can bring to the table. Not only are boot times dramatically lowered, but overall operating system performance is massively improved. Being KitGuru’s we still believe that adding an SSD drive to your system will make it one of the best upgrades you could contemplate. SSD’s can access data so much faster than even the most exotic of mechanical drives on the market. With silent operation, minimal power requirements and no moving parts, it is no wonder that enthusiasts have been clamouring for them over the last year.

The only real downside against buying an SSD is the relative small size and high cost …. for many people they still remain an elusive pipe dream. Sure they are dropping in price all the time, but compared to a mechanical drive they are still much more expensive. All is not lost however as leading manufacturers are already aware of this and have been offering lower performance, low cost units for quite some time and today Intel put on their ‘SSD for the masses’ t-shirt with the release of the 40gb X25-V SSD. This is a first for Intel and we are particularly interested as all the drives in their range are class leading units.

With an asking price of under £100 in the UK you can now reasonably upgrade your OS boot drive to an SSD while keeping a larger, cheap mechanical drive for all your porn … erm I mean files.

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