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Powercolor – HD 5770 Evolution, Hydra Chip @ Computex

In our second Powercolor article today from Computex we managed to get our hands on the upcoming HD5770 Evolution which is another of the ‘firsts’ for Powercolor which has Lucid’s Hydra chip on the PCB. The idea behind this card is that it can be paired up with ANY other graphics card on the market, even if it is made by nVidia.

The HD5770, apart from this, is a reference model, with 1GB of GDDR5 memory as well as HDMI, Displayport and DVI out. Check out our gallery below.

KitGuru says: Cross platform pollination is interesting, we will follow this article up shortly with our findings.

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  • Derek

    This technology really excites me, even if it doesnt work as well as im hoping!

  • eric k

    The biggest problem is this – and its a huge one really. ATI and Nvidia will do everything in their power to break it, stop it working and fuck it all up. I can’t see this working too well, but I love the concept. who the hell wouldnt.

  • tim

    Yeah, I cant see this really working very well , if at all.

  • Francois

    Powercolor seem to be doing a good show in taipei if these news posts are anything to go by . quite a few firsts.

  • death dealer

    good point made in this comments section. Would ATI and nvidia really help support this? I think not. it would ruin SLI and crossfire sales. cant see this ever working well with both billion dollar companies doing everything in their power to stop it.