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Powercolor – featuring GPU & NPU processing @ Computex

We spent some time with Powercolor at Computex and had a look at their products on display. An interesting model they had on show was the HD5770 Sniper – the ‘World’s First GPU & NPU’. “What on earth is a NPU?” I hear you ask? well it is not only an ATI HD5770 graphics card, but they have built in ‘the worlds fastest network card’ as well into the processing.

Quite how this works we have yet to experience first hand, but when we spoke to PR guy Andre Santos, he said “This NIC speeds up data transfer and latency improves substantially for gaming. It has a dedicated chip for that”. You can check out the technology being used over here http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/

Also on display was the worlds first Low profile HD5770 card – with dual fan arrangement. Check out the pictures in our gallery below to see for yourself.

KitGuru says: Gamers love reduced latencies, it can be the difference between a head shot and getting your ass handed to you. More on this later when we get a sample !

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