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KitGuru enjoys a big breakfast – it comes with age and we are happy to give in to the urge. We're not quite at the ‘Lord of the Rings stage' where 2 breakfasts are required for happiness, but we're close. During this morning monster munch, KitGurus love to ponder the great ‘What ifs'. You know, what if everything was free? What if man really had walked on the moon? What would happen if yesterday's rumours were only half right and Sapphire actually bought the whole of EVGA?

Does it make sense? Well no one doubts that XFX agreeing to also sell ATI cards saved its bacon during the pre-Fermi drought. Also, there is massive precedent with the likes of Asus, MSI and Gigabyte – all of whom are considered ‘Tier One' partners by both AMD and nVidia.

Should Sapphire be banned from owning other companies?   Now that does not make sense and a company's right to grow through acquisition is probably covered by a multitude of statutes in every country (plus, as we all know, AMD is the party of choice).

Would Sapphire sell any less ATI Radeon cards? Unlikely, why would any company wish to reduce its share of a highly lucrative market.

What other bonuses and benefits could their be?  Well, for one, the marketing dollars available to a company like Sapphire from nVidia during such a move would exceed the dreams of avarice.

nVidia executives were pulled into an emergency meeting in Taiwan yesterday afternoon.

Always a good sign that something important has happened (not just another ‘Who has the best Knock Knock joke' debate).

They literally all deserted the meetings they had – as if responding to an ultrasonic whistle (from Santa Clara?).

There was another rumour, from about a year back, that EVGA had one of the only licenses to produce Intel graphics cards (when they finally arrive) and who would not want part of that?

Sapphire positioning itself as a true global leader in graphics – rather than simply biggest AMD/ATI partner?

Surely not.

Now THAT has to be worth consideration over a muffin.

KitGuru says: Time to consider the second breakfast we will need in order to properly consider all the ramifications. If it was true. of course. Which, of course, it isn't.

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