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Thermaltake unveils 80Plus golden wonder @ Computex

Computex has become THE event for the launch of new products. Ancient KitGurus remember the days when companies would hold onto new products and wait for the old Comdex show in Las Vegas in November. Comdex has died and CeBIT is dying – but Computex is still going strong. Thermaltake's substantial stand in the Nangang event centre had a load of new products, one of which put a smile on KitGuru's face – a brand new, top of the range PSU.

When KitGuru put the Thermaltake Toughpower 775w PSU to the test, it sailed way past the 80Plus Bronze rating and clear into Silver efficiency territory for a number of our tests. Now its engineers have turned their attention to producing a high-end PSU, capable of delivering way over 1,000 watts – complete with an 80Plus GOLD certification.

CEO and Founder, Kenny Lin, was on hand to show the new PSU off.

Absolutely stunning... and the PSU is nice too!

Apart from the raw facts and figures that come with an 80Plus certificate, KitGuru readers will like the simple styling and matt black finish.

80Plus means that a PSU will deliver more than 80% efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of the rated load. Gold rated supplies like this Thermaltake unit will be no less than 88% efficient.

KitGuru says: With modern graphics cards/CPUs, KitGurus need more and more power. As you increase wattage, a small percentage loss quickly turns into a lot of wasted energy. If you're thinking about buying a high end PSU, you need to look at the 80Plus rating. Cheap supplies could lose 25-40% of the power you put in. Losing up to 400w?  That's like going out and leaving eight 50w bulbs going at home. It's crazy. Do like Kenny and choose a golden wonder.

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