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League of Legends Tribunal to return soon

The League of Legends’s player run Tribunal system was an ambitious attempt to curb negative attitudes and comments from players of the highly competitive, and often toxic game. However about a year ago it was pulled, with Riot stating that it wanted to revamp the feature and improve it in …

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Thermaltake launches godfather of all Soprano chassis

There’s a school of thought in design that says ‘In order to go forward, you must first look back’. Probably one of the more famous examples in recent times was the re-emergence of the roadster sports car. Some of the ideas in the BMW Z4 go back half a century, …

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Thermaltake Jing silently appears in KitGuru Lab

Back in June, we presented some of the world’s first shots of the upcoming Thermaltake Jing cooler. Now, three months later, the product is about to ship in volume and we’ve got it in our lab early. Before we begin the torture testing, here’s a quick look see. After the …

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