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Tt eSports keyboards and mice chosen for World Cyber Games

The biggest gaming competition on the planet is the World Cyber Games. Brainchild of the absolutely-gaming-bonkers South Koreans, WCG's headquarters in downtown Seoul has seen massive growth in the sport over the past 10 years. One of the areas of biggest improvement is in the human-machine interface and the gaming peripherals that allow each generation of enthusiast to push things just that little bit further.

For the 2010 finals, Thermaltake's new Tt eSports division will be providing the kit. Overall, Thermaltake has been working with WCG for 5 years, but this is the first time that the new keyboard and mouse designs will come under such intense pressure.

Thermaltake's Tt eSports products not only aim to provide pro-gamers with the best experience possible, they also match KitGuru's favourite plastic evening wear. Which was nice.

Here's a question. We've all heard of the WCG and Samsung has spent a small fortune supporting it, but how big is it ?

Over 1.6 million gamers from more than 65 countries will fight, battle, club and blast each other to get to the Grand Final. That Grand Final will see the WCG take over the LA Convention Centre from 30th September to the 3rd October. These pics show what the Convention Centre looks like when it hasn't been stormed by thousands and thousands of gamers.

LA is just going to be completely and utterly invaded at the end of September.

Each country has it's own finals and the UK‘s will be held at Multiplay's Insomnia i40 event over the August Bank Holiday. Looking at KitGuru's most recent poll, many of you will be making the annual summer pilgrimage to this event. If you do, then you'll not only get a chance to get hands on with the new Tt eSports keyboard and mouse, you will also have a chance to play with new headsets and chassis.

Craig Fletcher is one of the Multiplay directors entrusted with delivering the UK finals of the WCG tournament at i40 in Newbury this August

Mr Kim, the happy chappy that runs the WCG said, “Thermaltake and WCG have shown strong partnership through the last 4 years. I am especially happy this year, since Thermaltake launched Tt eSPORTS. Thermaltake’s product line extension will be welcomed by all players.  Players this year in the WCG 2010 Grand Final will be taken to an all new level of gaming with the help from Tt eSPORTS by Thermaltake’s products”.

The top brass at Thermaltake seemed equally pleased with themselves. Kenny Lin, Thermaltake’s CEO, said “Our Tt eSports products are ready to be used by the world’s best gamers in the finals of the world’s premier eSports event. We’re proud that the World Cyber Games has chosen to promote our products alongside its tournament. The strategy and objectives of Tt eSPORTS are in perfect unity with the World Cyber Games. A focus on success, while at the same time respecting the spirit of the competition”. Well, what would you expect him to say.

Kenny Lin and part of the Tt eSports demonstration team at Computex this year

In truth, this is a tough test. Alongside the serious players like Razer, Roccat and SteelSeries, this market is also saturated with top quality products from Microsoft, Logitech and other global brands. It will be interesting to see if Tt eSports can establish itself as the product of choice.

KitGuru says: Getting chosen gives Thermaltake a good foot in the door. However, gamers are a fickle bunch and it will be interesting to see how many of the finalists actually pick up massive cheques while using the Challenger keyboard or Black mouse.

You know the drill. Quick thoughts below and in-depth discussion over here in the KitGuru forum.

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