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Exclusive interview with Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin

Without doubt, Thermaltake is a Marmite company. Some people absolutely adore it, while others are just as vocal in the opposite direction. Whatever your personal feelings, there is no doubt that 15 years in the technology industry has seen some iconic releases from this Taiwanese manufacturer. KitGuru was fortunate enough …

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Luxa2 doubles lifespan of iPhone 5

If you come from a Blackberry point of view, the idea of a smartphone with a sealed battery seems very silly, but manufacturers like Nokia and Apple work on the basis that your phone should be as slim/light as possible and locked in wherever it can be. Which might look …

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Thermaltake unveils SD101 Mini ITX chassis

One of the oldest and largest chassis creation companies in the Far East, Thermaltake has provided some interesting design ideas over the years – mostly toward the large-scale end of the market. The new SD101 is a little smaller than the Mozart or Level 10. KitGuru pulls out a magnifying …

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Thermaltake expands TriP power gadget range

No matter what the underlying technology, all of us spend at least part of the day thinking about electricity. Even if it’s just “Where the hell did I leave my phone charger?”, it’s always there because we know that a lack of juice will cut us off from the world …

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Thermaltake creates separate Tt DesignWorks consultancy

In mainstream life, we’re constantly assaulted and assailed by new and innovative designs. Some driven by need (like the replacement of Big Mac polystyrene cartons with recycled card) and some are purely aesthetic (renaming Marathon bars to Snickers). In the computing world, so many things are derivative, that genuine inspiration …

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Thermaltake Jing silently appears in KitGuru Lab

Back in June, we presented some of the world’s first shots of the upcoming Thermaltake Jing cooler. Now, three months later, the product is about to ship in volume and we’ve got it in our lab early. Before we begin the torture testing, here’s a quick look see. After the …

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