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Windows 7 SP-1 download available for professionals

KitGuru loves Windows 7. There. We’ve said it. We have big love for the Snow Leopard, but there’s still plenty of room in our hearts for Bill Gate’s latest incarnation. So how much better can it get? KitGuru receives flash-traffic from Microsoft’s Technet, authenticates, inserts twin brass keys and prepares to launch missiles.

OK. You’ve got us. Too much Crimson Tide on Sky HD, but the reality is that the ‘almost ready for the public’ version of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 is now available for professionals to play with and we’re downloading it as we type. Exciting times.

.Authenticating TechNet flash message in 2 parts, break break - as Hackman would say

Developing in harmony, alongside the continuously improving operating system, is the continuously improving delivery system for new versions.

Following the shambles that was Vista, delivery psychology at Microsoft has undergone a complete overhaul and is now a genuine pleasure to use.

Think back. Everyone of us got so used to having the Windows 7 beta, that when it began to expire – an army of enthusiasts made the purchase and finally switched away from the archaic (but functional) Windows XP code base. It’s a tried and tested method for delivering new product that’s been used by narcotic gangs across the globe for centuries and, guess what, it works!

Once you’re logged in, Microsoft gives you a choice of 32-bit or 64-bit updates that will download as part of the standard Windows 7 updates – or you can click option ‘3’.

Being greedy fat sods, KitGuru has gone with the high-cholesterol, 1.22GB full ISO download.

With high speed broadband being what it is, Microsoft updates normally tank in around 800KB/sec.

Today’s ISO is struggling to get above 230KB/sec.

Popular stuff.

Microsoft's data centre is being brought to its knees by the sheer volume of professionals demanding ISO

This link to the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Beta for Professionals will either work for you or it won’t. In which case you will need to be creative !

KitGuru says: Over the next few days, we’ll download it, install it, have a play and report back on whether you actually notice any differences at all.

If anyone wants to post any issues that they’ve experienced and were hoping that SP-1 would fix, drop them below or in the forum and we will do our best to check if you’ve been healed or ignored.

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