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White House refuses to back anti-encryption legislation

The Obama administration will not be backing legislation that would allow judges to force companies like Apple to weaken the security of their hardware and software in order to facilitate snooping. While President Obama's personal opinion seems to still be in favour of this sort of bill, clearly there is …

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Pro internet freedom protests in Mexico block crackdown

A law that was set to pass in Mexico that could have given the government the power to shut down the internet if it wanted to has been blocked, after hundreds of protesters took to the streets and even more voiced their disapproval online. Similar to the filtering system being …

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Loosely worded bill could cripple charity campaigns

Ah those politicians, they do love their vaguely worded bills don't they? We've had SOPA and PIPA before with their thinly veiled restrictions on freedoms and now there's a new one, though admittedly in a different sort of vein. Known as the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union …

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Secret court amendments fail

Secret justice

Several amendments to secret courts championing “justice and security bill,” have failed to go through, despite backing from several big name organisations, meaning beginning 8th May, when a new session of parliament is opened, more trials will be able to be held in secret. The reasoning for the bill, is …

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Germany approves Google News license fee

Iron Sky

German parliament has now given the voted approval for a licensing fee should the search engine wish to reproduce more than just a few short excerpts of a news story. Fortunately to come into play it still needs to be ratified by the upper house of German parliament, but that's …

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Gibson Les Paul hitting $180,000 on eBay

On the very loose basis that eBay uses technology, we wanted to bring you an interesting story from the interweb about just how much a 1960 Original Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar is being offered for on the world's top electronic auction site. It's a little bit more than it …

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US politician to ask Reddit how to best protect web freedoms

Zoe Lofgren

Zoe Lofgren, current representative for California's 16th congressional district, will be taking to Reddit on the 19th of November to ask the site's users how they think web freedoms would best be protected. Their responses will help build a new piece of legislation that will be put before congress in …

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Windows 7 SP-1 download available for professionals

KitGuru loves Windows 7. There. We've said it. We have big love for the Snow Leopard, but there's still plenty of room in our hearts for Bill Gate's latest incarnation. So how much better can it get? KitGuru receives flash-traffic from Microsoft's Technet, authenticates, inserts twin brass keys and prepares …

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