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Video showing how to build a Sapphire Edge VS PC

One of the biggest challenges for anyone looking to get into system building for the first time is the ‘but you have never done it before' challenge. If you've never tried to open a system, then it will be as daunting as opening a TV or doing your own plumbing. To help first timers get around the fear, Sapphire has created a ‘How To…' video which shows you just how easy it can be to build and customise your own Edge VS  in under 5 minutes. KitGuru pulls out the popcorn.

When Sapphire began pioneering with the Edge series of Mini-PCs, the majority of sales were for fully build systems. You opened it, plugged it in, loaded your software and began working/watching/playing.

Every time one of these models arrives in the KitGuru Labs, our experts went on and on about how they would like to build it to their own specification.

Luckily, the designers at Sapphire HQ were listening – and self-assemble models using the latest APU processors are now readily available in the market.

But that still leaves you with a screwdriver, components and a plan – but no easy way to visualise the best way to complete your build. Until now.

Here's Sapphire's Bill Donnelly getting hands on with the Sapphire Edge VS series – doing a complete configuration in around 5 minutes.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEktjIEn5WA']

KitGuru says: With the price of Solid State Drives and high quality memory these days, the Edge VS series is more attractive than ever – and building one could not be simpler.

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