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Microsoft: DirectX 12 adoption rate is fastest ever

It looks like developers are wasting absolutely no time in upgrading to DirectX 12 as Microsoft has revealed that its new graphics API has the fastest adoption rate of any DirectX version. DirectX 12 is the latest graphics API from Microsoft and it has strong ties to Windows 10, which …

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Microsoft may reveal more AI bots today

While Microsoft's most recent bot, Tay, may have faced its share of issues after turning racist following its interactions with the Internet, the company may not have been deterred just yet as reports indicate that Microsoft might be revealing more AI bots later today at the annual Build developers conference. …

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Just Cause 2 MP mod adds player world-building

The creators of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod recently released an update that would make it possible for server admins to restructure the world as they saw fit, adding everything from strange landscapes and stunt tracks in the sky, to underwater building complexes if they so desired. But at …

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Windows 8 Final Beta to surface in days

Things look to be moving well for Microsoft's Windows 8 developer team with indication on a Windows developer build tracking site that the next Microsoft OS has just reached final pre-beta build (8189.0.winmain.120120-1830) status; another big milestone met in timely order. The next step in the works requires Microsoft's own …

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