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Windows 10 update to clean up Start Menu, icons

Microsoft's latest OS release has gone much better than last time, with the goodwill from the free upgrade to Windows 10 carrying over after launch too. People like it. And they may like it even more when one upcoming update finally rolls out, as it improves the Start menu and Windows icons, making them cleaner looking as well as adding new context sensitive menus to the former. It also made improvements to the Messenger and Skype Video Apps, as well as adding tab-previews to the Edge browser.

This is all being experienced by those having a play with the Windows 10 preview built 10558, which leaked out over the weekend. While the updates to the core communication applications are welcome, it's the visual tweaks and usability improvements that really have people talking.

Source: WCFFTech

The Start menu in the new build has new context menu commands that are accessed through a right click on tiles within the menu system.This makes it much easier to resize or rejig tiles – or even drop them from the menu altogether – which helps users customise and personalise their Windows experience better than before.

The updated icons Microsoft introduced in the new preview build have also received a lot of praise. They look clean and crisp and seem to fit better into the aesthetic feel of the new operating system than they did before.

Although these are small additions, they are nice to see and further indication that Microsoft is comitted to improving the Windows experience, regardless of the size of the update. However we can expect much bigger changes next month when, as WCFFTech points out, the first non-patch update is set to launch.

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KitGuru Says: Since there's still a few issues with the Oculus Rift and Windows 10 with some demos, I've not made the jump myself yet from Windows 7. Are those of you that have, happy with the experience so far?

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  1. Im happy so far considering it was free. I just need an OS that works and doesn’t get in my way.. perhaps not an accurate description of Windows 10 but what else is there if you want the latest and game.

  2. Windows 8.1 is still my favourite OS at the moment.

  3. I spent about an hour with it on a friends laptop trying to sort a problem and found it just as bad as windows 8. So it looks like some linux distro will be my next OS when MS kill off windows 7.

  4. I spent an hour trying to workout how to get 5.1 surround sound to work on a Linux distro for htpc, Had to learn code and still couldn’t get it working. Windows Vista that was on the laptop I use for HTPC before Linux had working 5.1 surround without doing anything. Linux sucks!

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  6. Demon Highwayman

    Consider me an average joe, I dislike all that stuff on linux too. But with the only other option being windows 10 or 8 it’s perhaps a good time for me to learn something new. A lot of people swear by linux so I guess it is just the learning curve which puts most people off it.

  7. I know Edinburgh university have a hole computer classroom that runs Linux because its the best thing to code in and use for product development (IT) they told us. Not been playing with Linux myself but it seems that I have to learn my way around it soon if I want to go the electronic engineering path