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Microsoft Azure to augment driving at CES 2017


Microsoft will be one of many companies showcasing automated driving features at CES 2017, but while many are striving for full automation, Microsoft and others’ systems will augment human drivers. They will encourage inter-car communication, use AI bots that can analyse traffic and run in-depth analytics on everyone’s driving style. …

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Google just launched Android N much earlier than expected

While traditionally Google has waited until the Summer to announce its next version of Android, followed by a final public release towards the end of the year, the company seems to be shaking things up for 2016. Google has today launched the first Android N developer preview, there will be …

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MSI GS40 Phantom Gaming Notebook arrives in November

MSI is well-known for its gaming notebooks and earlier this month it revealed the brand new GS40 phantom series, based on Intel’s latest generation Skylake processors and Nvidia’s Maxwell-based graphics chips all packed in to a powerful 14-inch form factor. Since the initial announcement and our subsequent exclusive video preview, a …

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Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives on phones


A few hours ago Microsoft opened up the Windows 10 Technical Preview, to a few models of Lumia phones that are currently running Windows Phone 8.1. While on the surface this upgrade isn’t a massive change for Windows phone 8.1 users, underneath the covers big changes have been made, to allow …

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Sid Meier goes beyond space, to Starships


Sid Meier is apparently not happy with just going beyond earth and will soon be launching an all out assault on the stars, with 2K and Firaxis announcing their new game, Sid Meier’s Starships. Taking to space with a new interstellar strategy game that is set in the same universe as Civilization: Beyond Earth, it should …

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Windows 9 preview could arrive this year

Rumor has it that Microsoft is preparing a Windows 9 preview for the end of this year ahead of the Operating System’s full release next year. It is currently believed that the next iteration of Windows will mainly target those still using Windows 7. “Before Threshold is released next spring, Microsoft …

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Asus Z97-A Motherboard Preview

Tending to the needs of budget users wanting Intel’s mainstream chipset, the Asus Z97-A motherboard aims to offer a low-cost route onto the LGA1150-based platform. Still managing to offer support for SATA-Express and M.2 storage interfaces, let’s take a look at the other features that make Asus’ Z97-A an interesting low-cost proposition.  …

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