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Can Two n00bs Build a Gaming Chair?

In this video, Jasmine and Luke are continuing Jasmine's introduction to PC gaming following on from Jasmine's system build. The ITX gaming rig has been built, now they have the noblechairs ICON to spruce up Jasmine's gaming setup outside of the core PC. But the real question is: can two n00bs build a gaming chair? And how many mistakes will they make along the way?

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00:00 Start
00:30 Introduction
03:02 (terrible) Unboxing – yes, Luke is a chair noob too.
09:08 Accessories box – Jasmine takes control
12:47 it's a really nice smell
13:33 Initial thoughts on the chair and assembly
15:18 Screwing in the base
18:15 The hockey sticks, erm…?
19:45 Pop the wheels on
20:05 Chair arm (pole?) and plant pots
22:10 Fitting the main chair section into the bottom
23:15 Luke won't sit on the chair – pussies out
24:00 Backrest fitting – Luke almost has a heart attack
30:55 Covers fitting
32:35 Plastic looks a bit cheap
33:40 Headrest and back rest (OMFG)
36:05 Googling the backrest – *facepalm* – the epic continues
37:37 How to use the chair – the painfully slow version
43:00 Testing the strength of the chair – the dangerous way
43:53 Jasmine's update
44:24 Luke's update
45:22 Closing thoughts

Gaming chairs are an undeniably marmite (that means opinion splitting, to our non-UK audience) category of products. Some people value their aesthetics and cool design features whilst others see them as overpriced.

With those opinions put to one side, Jasmine's setup is getting upgraded with the noblechairs ICON in white/black PU leather form. This is one of the more premium gaming chairs on the market from one of the more premium brands. So we follow Jasmine and Luke's journey through the process of unboxing the chair, building it together, and then giving it a go in some general usage.

Some of the key takeaways from the video are as follows:

  • The noblechairs packaging is absolutely superb and seriously minimises the risk of shipping damage.
  • As far as instruction manuals go, noblechairs could really teach Ikea a thing or two about how to make a clear, easy to follow guide; this is very impressive.
  • Despite being straightforward and quick as a two-person job, Jasmine and Luke still manage to make many mistakes throughout the process.
    • Though this is more of a reflection of their building skills and teamwork rather than the noblechairs guidance!
    • Plus, Jasmine almost gives Luke a heart attack whilst actuating the seriously powerful backrest lever!
  • The lumbar support has them both completely puzzled.
  • With some clearly very scientific (not!) testing, we test the ICON with around 140kg of weight… and Jasmine even thought it was a good idea to see if it still moves during testing!
    • Never mind static loading, this was one for those dynamic loading fans!
  • Yes, even two complete gaming chair n00bs have little trouble building the noblechairs ICON… well, relatively speaking of course
    • And the end product is impressive, with excellent sturdiness and a superb aesthetic design
  • After some initial gaming and general usage tests, it is clear that both Jasmine and Luke are overall impressed with the chair's design and comfort
    • There are some areas that they highlight for improvement, but the general consensus is that this is a worthwhile addition to Jasmine's gaming setup.

Make sure to watch the video of this build process. And you can discuss the points on our Facebook page HERE. Also check out previous Jasmine and Luke videos where they choose the case for Jasmine's Mini-ITX gaming PC and where they build the system.

Do you want to see more videos like these? Make some recommendations as to which technology products we can tackle from a beginner's and PC gaming newcomer's perspective next.

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KitGuru says: I think we have to give noblechairs some credit with the ICON here. Not only is the chair comfortable and good-looking in Jasmine and Luke's opinions; it also managed to be built successfully despite their seemingly best attempts to mess something up! That's impressive!

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