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Windows 8 Final Beta to surface in days

Things look to be moving well for Microsoft's Windows 8 developer team with indication on a Windows developer build tracking site that the next Microsoft OS has just reached final pre-beta build (8189.0.winmain.120120-1830) status; another big milestone met in timely order.

The next step in the works requires Microsoft's own testers to vote on which of the next Windows 8 builds will be the Final Beta, with a decision expected to be made as early as tomorrow. The chosen final Beta Build will then be shown off at an internal Microsoft preview this coming Monday, January 30th.

It was also made apparent that continuing builds of Windows 8 will be getting labeled as “beta Escrow” builds. And here's a nice little tip for those of you eager to get your hands on the Final Beta build once it goes public. Throw the following string into Google once the build has been given the green light and you shall receive: “winmain_win8b1”.

KitGuru says: This serves as a nice little reminder that we're now only 9 months away from launch, said to be straight from the horse's mouth.

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