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Samsung’s Galaxy S III will be a no show at MWC

For those of you who were holding out for next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona primarily to see Samsung’s Galaxy S III formally announced, a bit of sour news has surfaced today that goes against all prior indication that this is when it would be launched.

Samsung has reportedly made the decision to hold back on the announcement until later in the year, making only a brief comment that it will be “out there before the Summer“. From what we can gather, it’s Samsung’s discontentment with the amount of time it takes for their products to penetrate the U.S. market versus elsewhere. With the U.S. being a particularly important market, it is assumed Samsung needs more time to plan the launch so folks in the states aren’t waiting for so long before they can get a hold of it.

Instead, it is most probable for MWC the Korean giant intends to focus on new tablets and possibly new Windows Phone handsets.

KitGuru says: International sales on pause due to U.S. carriers? We can only hope this doesn’t become a trend.

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