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Samsung to integrate baseband capabilities into its Exynos mobile APs

In an attempt to lower its dependence on Qualcomm, the world’s largest developer of application processors for mobile devices, Samsung plans to integrate baseband capabilities into its advanced Exynos system-on-chips. Such SoCs will emerge next year and will power devices the company will release in 2016. For years flagship smartphones …

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ZTE wants to sell more high-end smartphones

It is not a secret that Apple and Samsung are the most profitable smartphone makers in the world thanks to sales of their high-end lines, whereas the competition of other manufacturers has pushed margins so narrow that their low-priced handsets are barely profitable. In a bid to earn more money …

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Samsung’s Galaxy S III will be a no show at MWC

For those of you who were holding out for next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona primarily to see Samsung's Galaxy S III formally announced, a bit of sour news has surfaced today that goes against all prior indication that this is when it would be launched. Samsung has reportedly …

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5 million Galaxy S II phones sold

As we reported yesterday, Samsung have the top selling Google Android Tablet in the shape of the Galaxy Tab. Latest news in from the channel show that Samsung have already sold 5 million Galaxy S II phones via preorders. The Galaxy S II is Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, which is …

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Samsung Galaxy S sells 3 million in USA

The Galaxy S, Samsungs flagship Android powered smartphone has been selling well across the globe – particularly in the US were it has shifted over 3 million units. The Galaxy S has been supported by T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T with their own versions of the phone on the market. …

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