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Next-gen Xbox will gain Blu-ray, but to be barred from used games

If there’s one thing we expect to be a definitive change with the next-gen Xbox (720?), it would be the inclusion of Blu-ray support in order to handle games made up of data far beyond the limits of DVD’s 9GB. And sure enough, sources have just made it known this is in fact the case, allowing for games to use up to 50GB of space on a single disc on the next-gen gaming console.

This will give developers much more breathing room to go all out with higher resolution textures etc. and of course doing away with the need for multi-disc titles as well. Not only that, but like the good ole’ PS3, it let’s the unit double up as a convenient Blu-ray player for the lounge and is expected to support multi-channel lossless audio and all that good stuff.

Now for some unfortunate bad (but unconfirmed) news. An industry source has informed the folks over at Kotaku that Microsoft intends to roll in some kind of anti-used protection system with their next-gen gaming console. Essentially, used games would be rendered useless if given to someone else. It has been theorized that the way it would likely work is by linking a copy of a new game to a specific Xbox Live account, but assumingly this could be gotten around by used-game owners staying offline, so we’re not so sure it’ll be that simple.

The result of implementing such a system would be a massive punch to the stomach for the likes of used-game resellers like GameStop, not to mention enraged customers who are used to saving a good amount on the cost of adding more games to their collection. On the other side of the fence, publishers would inevitably be quick to give a thumbs up to it when it means they get to stop hearing retailers like GameStop harp on about revenues from the sales of used titles.

KitGuru says: Sounds like a case of one step forward, two steps backward. Microsoft, this just isn’t a good idea.

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