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The first Ultra-HD Blu-ray PC disc drive has arrived

PC users have been getting accustomed to Ultra-HD monitors for several years now, long before 4K TVs started getting popular. However, getting 4K video content has been a bit tricky, there are some streaming options available but nothing that can quite match the quality of a physical Blu-Ray. Fortunately, soon …

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Ultra-HD Blu-rays are going to be a bit pricey

With TV manufacturers giving 4K TVs a huge push to consumers right now it is about time we started actually getting some ultra-HD content available. Several studios have plans to launch UHD Blu-rays this year but it looks like we can expect prices of UHD movies to be fairly high …

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Microsoft almost made the Xbox One discless

With the progress that services like Steam, Origin and Netflix are making these days, many think that packaged media is a thing of the past. Despite this, they continue to play an important role in the industry, but not so much that Microsoft didn't consider removing the optical disc drive …

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Asus launches intelligent new Blu-Ray players

Following on from KitGuru's revelation that Asus has launched the Essence One audiophile amp at CeBIT 2011, we've now spotted a pair of full-spec Blu-ray players. Does this mark the beginning of a sustained Asus-assault on the living room?   You be the judge. OK, so you'd expect a Blu-ray player …

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