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nVidia competition to win Asus 3D screen and more

It’s nice when the multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations that we have all (at some point) helped fund, turn around and do neat little competitions to win cool stuff.  nVidia has today stepped up to that plate. Here’s the detail you need to enter.

The GeForce community site is in its Beta phase at the moment, while nVidia designers try to make it better. Essentially, anyone who has bought the GeForce into their home in the past, is able to join up and get early news, updates and entry into competitions. Naturally, being the nVidia fan boys that we are, we were among the first to sign up for Jen Hsun’s creamy goodness.

Glad you clicked? probably. Love or hate the nVidia triumvir of 3D, PhysX and Cuda, we're guessing that you probably wouldn't say no to the well-hung 23" Asus 3D screen + NV 3D glasses prize, would you?

Last month, lucky David from Toronto was flown with a friend (so he claims) to BlizzCon with $2,000 in his pocket. Not too shabby.

Enter before 9th December and you too have a chance to pick up an Asus 3D screen and nVidia glasses.

Runners-up will get 3D glasses and the twenty people who finish outside the top 2 spots will collect a copy of Mafia II.

You can enter by clicking here.

Just to prove how warm and cuddly nVidia really is, you can find the 4 pages of legalise rules and regulations relating to the competition here.

KitGuru says: As long as you use an email address which can be scanned infrequently for useful emails, we think competitions are generally a good thing. Signing up to a load of them with your main email address is a laugh and you should try it if you get really bored with life.

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